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ClintonGen 11.02.2022 04:06:27

Stunning story there. What occurred after? Thanks!

Yowin 25.01.2022 13:17:49

“I bet you got some stares from the other boys in the locker room.” His dad adds. “You couldn’t miss it.”

Yowin 25.01.2022 12:12:14

“Coach told us. To go beat off. Seeing all those tents in our shorts; he said we should have all been working out naked. Our shorts weren’t covering up, anything, as our cock’s periscoped out and over the elastic waistbands of our shorts.” He says to his dad as he steps from the shower.

Yowin 22.01.2022 16:55:15

“Yeah. Yessir. Dad.” Garrett mutters.

Yowin 22.01.2022 13:58:12

“Let me get in there, Garrett.” His father says, as his son steps aside so he can get into the shower enclosure.

Yowin 21.01.2022 20:17:58

“Then, what is this, father.” He says as he wrestles his cock in a fierce grip and squeezes it like he is fighting against a serpent unleashed from its coil.

Jamesboilm 21.01.2022 14:05:23

I used my teeth to strip off daddy’s black sheer socks. I placed them in my mouth and washed them with my saliva. I swallowed every single sweat and stink from these socks. It takes so well. I rolled them into a ball and stuck them into my jockstrap where my small dick and balls were.

Jamesboilm 21.01.2022 13:33:50

“Stoke it, boy! Stroke it! Stroke that beautiful cock!” His father demands as his own cock draws on the wet interior of the glass enclosure shower. “Pound it harder, boy! Pound it harder!”

Davidnig 31.08.2021 21:51:57

Hello guys. And Bye.

neversurrender ;)

Davidnig 31.08.2021 21:03:02

Hello guys. And Bye.

neversurrender ;)

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